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Dogri / Pahari Folk Dances in Jammu are Jagarna, Surma,
Bindloo, Keekli
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Dogri Folk Dances

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Folk Dances in Jammu province-Jagarna, Surma, Bindloo, Keekli

Folk Dances in Jammu province:: Dances express the innermost joy and happiness of a man. These are the real pictures of the life of the people and their folk culture. Dances are always connected with some fairs, festivals or worship of God or Goddess. Main dances of Jammu Province are Dogri Bhangra, Gogri Dance, Letri Naach, Chowki Naach, Jattar, Jagarana, Keekli and Rouf etc.

In actions, costumes and songs, Dogri Bhangra is totally different from Punjabi Bhangra. These dances performed on the fairs and festivals, every action depicts the harvesting process. Performers with sticks and handkerchiefs dance in a circle on the drumbeat. The Bhangra details the joys and sorrows of lover's meetings and partings.

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Jagarna:: This marriage song cum-dance form has the elements of theatre. While the menfolk of the bridegroom's house have gone with the Barat women folk are left alone in the house. The bridegroom's mother, aunts, grandmother and other relations indulge in gossips revelations of their marital life and the behaviour of their husbands. But sometimes, in right earnest, they reveal some intimate incidents and spend the night in the atmosphere which is un-interrupted by menfolk continuing the night with flow of unending gossip and the movement of frolicking feet.

The Bindloo and the Jagarna are the dances set to the theme of marriage and martial relationships. Women perform Jagarna. Children and men cannot even witness this dance. It is performed after the Baraat leaves for Bridegrooms house and is carried out whole night. Hence it is called JAGARNA. Bolian & Dholak is also accompanied with this dance

Surma:: This song in Dogri, set to dance reveals the anguish of a newly married girl whose husband is away in the Army. The ever increasing yearning of re-union is depicted through this song-dance.

Further to Folk Dances-Letri-Sopahiya-Chann-Dholan-Chowki Naach-Fummaniyan-Kenchi-Bakhan-Heren

Keekli:: It is a simple but entertaining dance. No instrument is used. The girls perform this dance. They catch hold of each other's opposite hand and rotate themselves fastly but in a balanced way. The main instruments played with these folk songs and folk dances are algoza, Dokra, Sarnai, Glass, Thumbak Nari, Sargi, flute, Dholak and Dhol etc.

Further to Folk Dances-Letri-Sopahiya-Chann-Dholan-Chowki Naach-Fummaniyan-Kenchi-Bakhan-Heren


Folk Dances in Jammu province-Jagarna-Surma-Keekli,

Dogri Folk Dances:: Jagarna-marriage song cum dance form-theatre-Surma-yearning of re-union-Bakhan-in verse-lyric in Dogri

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